Second Siren hooked to a Whelen HHS2200


May 22, 2010
San Antonio, Texas
I Have a HHS2200 which i am only running 100 w right now, i am about to add a second speaker to this as well as another speaker and siren. I am adding a federal signal ms4000 got it on trade and am going to remote mount it and am wondering how i should hook it up. Right now i turn the lights on thru the HHS and run sirens thru the horn switch. I typically putting the controller down and dont touch it till i get to the station or scene, if its the station once i turn the truck off the lights all turn off as well. I really dont want to have to look down and play with the siren tones, can you program it for once the HF button is pushed it will activate another output. and once its turned off it will kill that output? Ideas guys?
So you want to run 2 sirens, one in 200W mode and 1 in 100w mode? I'm confused on what you are trying to do...
I don't see why you couldn't hook up he MS4000 as a stand alone siren, completely separate from the HHS2200 and just use an on/off button on the HHS to turn it on. You would have to set it to a tone and leave it. Basically (in theory) you would just be using the HHS2200 as an on/off switch for the MS4000.

Clear as mud? I don't see why it wouldn't work.
It would be the same principal as if I were to add a 3rd speaker (already have dual SA314Ps) and mount an Alpha 12Q and run the trigger to the 12Q to a momentary switch on my HHS2200. (Not that I've planed that or anything... :p :twisted: :twisted: )
Good idea. I set up a car a few months ago with an HHS2200 and hooked up a unitrol 80k amp to the "alley" light switch, which controls 3 outlets (4, 5 and 4&5 I believe). Then hooked up HiLo, Yelp wires and when both circuits come on at the same time, it produces unitrol's version of the phaser sound.

Using the alley light button function on the HHS2200 gives you some flexibility with several tones and only takes up one button.

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