Setting Up ION DUO and TRIOs (Alternating Colours/Patterns & White Lights w/ Air Horn)

Discussion in 'Whelen' started by ProPatriaNeverPassAFault, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. ProPatriaNeverPassAFault

    ProPatriaNeverPassAFault Registered Member

    I apologize in advance for more amateur questions. I'm trying to learn how vehicle lighting is set up, especially w/ Carbide. I also apologize if the question is murky. It's been a busy week at work and I haven't gotten enough caffeine downrange to even know how to write my own name.

    1) In the Carbide software, how do you set up ION DUOs/TRIOs so that you can configure which colour an individual ION emits? For example, say I have two ION DUOs set up on a push bar and I want the right and left IONs’ colours to alternate between red/blue with alternating patterns as well. Do I assign an output to each ION's colour? Would Right Push Bar (Red) be one Output and Right Push Bar (Blue) is another and so on? Then how do I configure the IONs so that they alternate with the pattern as well? I’m looking for something like this:

    1) Right :Flashes Blue, alternates to left
    2) Left:Flashes Red, alternates to right
    3) Right:Flashes Red, alternates to left
    4) Left: Flashes Blue, alternates to right...

    2) How do I set up ION DUOs/TRIOs so that they emit white light when the Air Horn tone is active? Do I select the Air Horn tone, go to its Properties, turn on whichever outputs are assigned to the ION colours that I want and then set them to Pattern Override? Should they be set to Steady or would a fast Single Flash (150 or 300) also work?

    Thank you for your patience and your help! Trying to figure this out is driving me up the wall!

  2. CanamRider

    CanamRider Registered Member

    You are correct on everything pretty much. Keep working on the software till you perfect it.
  3. ProPatriaNeverPassAFault

    ProPatriaNeverPassAFault Registered Member

    I apologize for the late reply, but thank you! The software is a lot of fun to play around with and to learn from, but not actually having the equipment and not knowing much, if anything, about wiring/relays complicates things. I'm glad to know that I'm not totally out to lunch. Thank you again!

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