Setting Up ION DUO and TRIOs (Alternating Colours/Patterns & White Lights w/ Air Horn)

I apologize in advance for more amateur questions. I'm trying to learn how vehicle lighting is set up, especially w/ Carbide. I also apologize if the question is murky. It's been a busy week at work and I haven't gotten enough caffeine downrange to even know how to write my own name.

1) In the Carbide software, how do you set up ION DUOs/TRIOs so that you can configure which colour an individual ION emits? For example, say I have two ION DUOs set up on a push bar and I want the right and left IONs’ colours to alternate between red/blue with alternating patterns as well. Do I assign an output to each ION's colour? Would Right Push Bar (Red) be one Output and Right Push Bar (Blue) is another and so on? Then how do I configure the IONs so that they alternate with the pattern as well? I’m looking for something like this:

1) Right :Flashes Blue, alternates to left
2) Left:Flashes Red, alternates to right
3) Right:Flashes Red, alternates to left
4) Left: Flashes Blue, alternates to right...

2) How do I set up ION DUOs/TRIOs so that they emit white light when the Air Horn tone is active? Do I select the Air Horn tone, go to its Properties, turn on whichever outputs are assigned to the ION colours that I want and then set them to Pattern Override? Should they be set to Steady or would a fast Single Flash (150 or 300) also work?

Thank you for your patience and your help! Trying to figure this out is driving me up the wall!

I apologize for the late reply, but thank you! The software is a lot of fun to play around with and to learn from, but not actually having the equipment and not knowing much, if anything, about wiring/relays complicates things. I'm glad to know that I'm not totally out to lunch. Thank you again!