SOLD - Whelen Slimlighters SuperLED Series - Pair (2 units)

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I have up for sale a PAIR of Whelen Slimlighters SuperLED series, RED in color. they are both used but have been tested, working and in very good condition. they were previously hardwired in the vehicle they came out of so one cable is about 17" in length and the other is about 8" in length. they both come with the factory brackets and screws and i will be providing new suction cups as well.

i accept PAYPAL ONLY for payment and it will be shipped out via USPS. all sales are final.

$150 + $13.45 shipping
parts 044.JPG parts 048.JPG parts 055.JPG parts 062.JPG parts 063.JPG


Do you have any interest in trading a pair of Tir6 500s (were mounted to the grille of a Charger.) And a pair of Vertex LAWS, all in blue?


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is that price for the pair???
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