Wanted Some Vintage Lightbars Wanted

Hello. I am looking to purchase:

-A Mini AeroDynic
-A JetStream
-A JetStrobe
-An Excalibur

I'm looking for red/blue lightbars. The configurations aren't particularly important. Come at me cheap, with shipping included to 78520, Texas. If you want full blown retail prices for your wares, I'm not your guy. I'm looking for value and I'm looking for good deals. Thank you for your time.
Ryan might be your best bet on finding some mini Aerodynics.. You might also want to spell out what style your looking for 22I or 22H unless it doesn't matter.
In my post, I stated the configurations of the lightbars aren't particularly important.

I just want them to be red/blue. The models, types, or configurations don't really matter.


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I'm a bit late, but I might have use of the clear done if you part it out. If the light bar were mine, I'd have a machinist make a new worm drive for it. Well worth fixing, but I'm way too far away to come get it (NC).


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I definitely have excalibur (strobe and rotator) bars, also MX 7000's in red/blue and possibly a Jetstrobe, but it will be a while before I get to restoring my jetstrobe bar to know what I have left over.


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I may have a complete Jetstrobe. I have two, but may be stripping one for parts.

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