Strobe head pin arrangement question, i.e. anode/cathode/trigger, who's the guru?


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I have to replace the strobe tube on an unknown brand, working strobe beacon and I have piles of HAW strobe heads with which I would like to use to replace the tube. The plug on the beacon's power supply board is a simple 3-pin female amp connector (male pins). I have several different (what I thought were NOS good) 3-pin connectored u-shaped tubes that plug right in but when plugged-in, do nothing. I'm guessing the pin arrangement may be different.

There are several inexpensive Federal tubes on fleabay ( 8107A129B) that have the correct connector base. Star also has the 129Z of which I have several. None of them work with this unit. The units on fleabay, I assume, would have been for the old Fireball II strobes that would work for this application but I need to verify I have the correct pin arrangement for this before I go plugging the wrong tube into this beacon. There is also the later FB II strobe beacon tubes of the helical variety which have the same base plug arrangement which again, I assume, would be a bit brighter than the u-shaped units simply because of the longer tube/more surface area logic but they are substantially more expensive.

All that being said, 1st of all, are the 2 tubes from Federal FB II strobe interchangeable between the older u-shaped tube and the newer helical tube?

Next, who is the pin arrangement (anode/cathode/trigger) expert on here?

OR, who can answer which pin is for what pin location on that amp plug coming out of any given tube so I can make one of my million HAW tubes work if I cannot get an answer on the above question?

Thanx in advance!

Pete L.

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I know that Whelen uses red for anode, black for cathode and white for trigger.
I was told by a long standing member that this is an industry standard.
I was trying to power some Fed. Sig. Jet/Vista strobe heads with a Whelen CSP690 power supply.
I matched up the colors (had to use butt connectors) and it worked. Fed. Sig. switched up
the pin order in the early days.
Hope this helps.

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