Switchbox rear illumination question.

Installing a switch box and wondering where the best place is to get the illumination feed from. On older vehicles I would typically grab it from the stereo if it didnt have a dimmer. I am concerned that the feed to the current radio runs through the BCM or similar and I dont want to stress those systems.

What do you have for suggestions to safely get illumination to the switch box or other info?


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if it's a nextgen police vehicle-2011 forward, there should be a dimmer wire included in it's police interface harness, check the manufacturer's modifier guide.


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Since you will already have a suitable power feed coming in to the switchbox, you could install a small relay inside of the switchbox. That way, the only draw on the illumination wire would be from the relay's coil.


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The LED illumination on most switch boxes is about 0.1 A or less. Nothing to worry about.
This is a good point!

In older switchboxes that use incandescent lamps for backlighting, the draw will be higher. For instance, the Federal Signal SW300 uses three small lamps, which draw 5 watts each. The total backlighting current requirement for an SW300 is just over one amp.

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