Tahoe TA836UHP T/A install

May 21, 2010
Berlin, MI, 48002
This is my first real install in something that wasn't mine... I believe the Tahoe was an '05? Never checked.

I installed a Whelen TA836UHP arrowstick. The dept. didn't need the Arrow functions/patterns so I wired it to a Code 3 711 flasher. The red & blue ends were wired separate & run by the internal Whelen flasher (which sucks for output).

I mounted the 711 just above the Code 3 box & the other existing spaghetti bowl of wires.


They were using the Code 3 3990-something? w/phone type wire from the keypad to the amp. I wired the positives right to the position 1 "block" on the C3 box rather than disturbing the giant butt splices that branched out w/lots of wires. & I grounded the negatives for the flasher & TA to a screw on the partition that was used to mount the big C3 black box.

I checked the slide switch ratings & put the T/A on position 1.

I think the TA looks allright; the only other light on the truck is the 48" Excalibur on the roof. That has 4 strobes, 3 rotators in the upper deck & 6 LED-X' s (2 front, 4 rear) & intersection strobes in the lower deck.



Also, no one knew why, but the 4 way flashers (hazards) come on whenever you turn on the slide switch. There's 2 or 3 mystery wires out of the 7 hooked to position #1 that I don't know the purpose of. There's a solid white, a brown & a purple...I believe the solid white ran back up front &the other 2 ran to the rear of the truck. They find the hazards coming on annoying & wanted them to NOT come on via the slide switch if possible....any idea on how to accomplish this?





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