"undercover" style interior lightbar for a Charger


Hello,bear with me as I am new to this site, I am looking for a interior undercover style lightbar that mounts to the top section of the cars headliner behind the windshield. I have found the Signal split phantom that fits the '08 charger it needs to go into. What I am looking for is suggestions of other makes and models, likes and dislikes of the signal split phantom and the best place/price to get one of these style lights. Thanks for any help and any pics of these mounted in a charger interior or exterior pics if you have them.
A new company that just came out this past year is called Feniex lighting. They have an all new LED which is brighter than I have ever seen. I am trying to get my police department to switch over when they purchase new vehicles. It is by far the best I have seen.

Also Feniex has a new touch screen control system and on/off switch for the steering wheel. Amazing new tools which are very cool and practical.

Check it out. If you have any questions about it let me know.



Fed Sig ILS. That's what I have on my charger and had one in my crown Vic and I love it. Cajunblitz on here will attest to how good they are. I like Fedsig stuff.


I highly recommend the Soundoff Signal Interior Pinnacle! I bought one and its amazing. Its also really good off axis. I bought mine through a dealer on the board and it was the cheapest I could find anywhere. He was also great to work with.


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Thanks for the recomendations so far everyone, I am looking into them was wondering if anyone can post some pics? especially a interior pic looking at the light so I can see how it looks and how much visability it takes up? thanks


+1 on the Pinnacle.. Absolutely bright, easy to install and about the size of a 9v battery layed on its side. You cant beat it.


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The PD I used to work for had an 07 charger with a whelen inner edge which is bright and all but if your over 5 ft.tall then you pretty much can't see the traffic signals for shit. I would have to say go with fedsig ils, the top of the line and probably most expensive but well worth it. Or the sos pinnacle, or the svp phantom with gen 4 leds is less than an inch in height. There are many dealers on here that will help you out which ever way you decide to go with, I would help you out but I have not sold or installed any equipment in a few months, long story... IMHO those should be the best as far as price, light out put and visibility...
In a huge fan of the inner edges. The new ones have a cut out so you can see through the bottom shroud. And your best bet for pictures would be to go the manufactures websites and look at some brochures! But you can't beat made in America!

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