Uniden Scanner Question


May 26, 2010
Mooresville , NC
Does anyone know if the (now discontinued) Uniden 996T will work with a 9600 baud P25 system. I am not sure of the diffrences between the 996t and the current 996XT. I have a Uniden 785D with an APCO card however I blew all my money on the APCO upgrade not knowing that my new town system has at 9600baud rate and that is THE ONLY FREAKIN thing the card is not capable of.

So I am in the market for a new scanner and not exactly sure what the difference is between the 996T and 996XT since I have a better shot at finding a decent price on the 996T than the XT to save a few bucks. I just wanna make sure its capable of our cluster of a system.

http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=6344 This is our system it is still tied into our low band frequency. I dont wanna get into the details it makes my head spin and is a very volatile topic and is still very glitchy. But regardless if anyone can shed any light I would greatly appriciate it.


New Member
May 27, 2010
I believe the 996xt is the upgrade to the 996t and will allow programming of narrowband channels (2.5khz spacing) which are to be mandatory Jan, 2013. You may get some interference from adjacent channels with the older model.

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