Video: Easy Rust Removal Method


I came across this video today & thought I'd share it, hoping it may help some of us who enjoy restoring old beacons & sirens.

The guy uses homemade electrolysis to painlessly remove rust.

Anyone on here use this method?

Other than his shoddy wiring choices, is there anything wrong with this method (asking because I have no clue or knowledge of electrolysis).

Hoping someone on here may benefit from this method!


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I use it all the time with my other hobby, antique kerosene lanterns. It works great on most metals and I have a youtube video that explains it in detail. The lantern was not the best metal to use as some metals do better than others. You CAN NOT use this on chrome, or plated metals and I tell you this from experience. It will separate the plating and remove the plating. It is great for iron, steel, tin, aluminum and any other metal that is not plated.

I did use this to clean the inside of my CJ184, the big metal framework that holds the motor and siren speaker. I would never put a chromed base in there.

You need a good container, I use a 5 gallon bucket. Two iron rods, I use black water pipe, some people use rebar. Soda Ash (sold as washing soda where you buy detergent), water and an old battery charger. Smart chargers will not work. You can also use a 12v car battery as your power source if you don't have a good charger. Takes 6 to 24 hours depending on the amount of rust, gunk and metal your cleaning.


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