What's this worth?


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So I am attending the law enforcement academy once again and noticed this in their vehicle garage. I was going to see if I could acquire it. I'm just curious what's it worth in case they ask me a price or something. Also any information on it would be great.



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Looks like same bar and cans used by NYPD. All are Signal Stat.
Just guessing, maybe $200???


The can lights was originally made by Trio Sales as model T-2 and was sold by Signal-Stat in white and used on the NYPD bar.

DO NOT tell the seller this but these lights when sold as ”Adam 12” lights in black, as used by the LAPD, they go for way more money.

Make a deal that you can live with and you can either have it as is or you can make a NYPD bar of it.
You need two Signal-Stat 374 with clear lenses and red/clear sealed beams (4416/4416R or 7400/7400R).
The NYPD bar had red to the front and amber to the rear.
I am not sure if it was 4001R to the front and 4434A to the rear.



If those are genuinely Trio T-2 lights (should be stamped in the top of the housing) do whatever you have to do to take them home. They are valuable and are increasing in value every day.

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