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May 10, 2024
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Does anyone know if there’s a way to access some of the Whelen core CAN features for a vehicle that isn’t supported by whelen? Want to park kill, vehicle lock/unlock, etc.
2020 Nissan frontier
Adapting unlisted vehicles is always a challenge. If you can map out the OBD2 port you might be able to adapt a CANport from another vehicle, but it's going to be trial and error. I found this online for 1996 Nissans onward.

Pintd><td>Signaltd><td>Descriptiontd><td>1td><td>CHECKtd><td> td><td>2td><td>J1850 Bus+td><td> td><td>4td><td>CGNDtd><td>Chassis groundtd><td>5td><td>SGNDtd><td>Signal groundtd><td>6td><td>CAN Hightd><td>J-2284td><td>7td><td>K-LINEtd><td>(ISO 9141-2 and ISO/DIS 14230-4)td><td>8td><td>Ignition ONtd><td> td><td>9td><td>ABStd><td> td><td>10td><td>J1850 Bus-td><td> td><td>11td><td>Adjust Switchtd><td> td><td>12td><td>SCI TXtd><td> td><td>13td><td>SCI RXtd><td> td><td>14td><td>CAN Lowtd><td>J-2284td><td>15td><td>ISO 9141-2 L-LINEtd><td>(ISO 9141-2 and ISO/DIS 14230-4)td><td>16td><td>+12vtd><td>StorageBattery powertd>

This is from the 14C81 (2020 Ford & GM) CANport cable:

OBDII pinout is supposed to be universal; the challenge will be to find if any of the vehicles in the Whelen stable will share signal outputs for the conditions you need. If you've got the tools you can fabricate an equivalent to the Whelen cable for around $40.

Another option is a dedicated signal converter like this one. While it's about the same going price as a CANport cable, it's covers more vehicle, but the signals are far more limited. The one I linked will provide you with RPM, Engine Running and Vehicle Moving signals. You can use the output and send it to an input port you assign parameters to...typically something like (IF Input "X" =12+VDC = Vehicle Stopped = activate PARK KILL).
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