Wanted whelen rear HALO system

Great systems. Seems like they come available in waves. I was looking for a while. Didn’t see any for a while. Then saw a few systems and parts. I bought my 2 systems. Then I haven’t seen any in a while again.

If unlisted can get you a NOS one, than I would jump on it.
Its possible, not too familiar. The 2 kits i used in the past I only received 2 bulbs and cables each time. I believe there was 4 outputs but not totally sure. I only need 2 anyway for a ford truck.


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Alms for the Poor.... Alms for the Poor... ( Holds out hand )....
well dang it I thought it was funny.. i havent seen any here in florida, dont think it was a very popular system here but ill keep my eyes open at the junk yards and gsa...

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