WIG-WAG alternatives?


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May 20, 2010
east of Cleveland
I'm still trying to get my Explorer set up the way I want it. I removed the wig-wag unit from the truck because A) it flashed 90fpm, which didn't let the bulb reach full brightness before it went out again, and B) it constantly caused the computer to tell me I had a headlight out (and yes, it was a solid-state unit that the brand-name manufacturer said would work). I've got Vertex (vertices?) in the driving lamps, and two Whelen TIR3s in the center top of the grill. All of those are white - the Vertex alternate, and the two TIR3s flash simultaneously.

But it still needs something large and white alternating at about 60fpm near the headlights to really catch someone's eyes as I approach. I'm considering two PAR-36LEDs in clear, mounted to the bumper just below and inside the head lights. Not sure what brand yet if anyone wants to make recommendations. I'm also thinking Tomar RECT-14s (since they don't make a RECT-16) beside each of the headlights in the grill. They ought to fit horizontally between the slats just fine.

Looking for pros and cons to each approach, as well as recommendations for bulbs. I'm leaning towards the Tomars because of the clear, non-fluted lenses. A microman 6 LED setup on either side would also probably work, now that I think of it. Only downside would be an external flasher as opposed to the built-in one on the Tomars, but then again I could have a 6 head unit on either side instead of a 4 head with the Ts.



May 22, 2010
Thought about auxillary off-road lamps or aftermarket fog lamps? They can be found for relatively cheap, and you could wire your W/W flasher directly to them. I've seen it done before and it is a very effective setup for long-range warning.


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May 21, 2010
NW Indiana
If you go with off-road lamps, get some that will handle a minimum of a 55-watt H1 lamp. If you're crazy enough, try some that will accept a 100-watt H3 lamp.

Even if either of these lamps don't make it to full brightness at 90 FPM, they will still outshine your factory high beams.


May 20, 2010
Grand Prairie Texas
Or LED Implement lapns, which are Par 36 style, and pretty rugged. Trucklite makes them. The US Military has them on alot of vehicles now.


May 24, 2010
I would go with Tomar Rect14's . I sold 8 of them to Truck26 on ELB for his new ride. They are very bright and made well with an internal flasher.


May 21, 2010
Can you get a different model flasher? One with a slower pattern that interfaces with your vehicle? It's one of the cheapest and best pieces of equipment for frontal warning.

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