Anatomy and Restore of a 184 Power Light.


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Thanks to Ex416, I found this FSS 184 Power Light Series A2, 6 volt. At first you might say "and ?". Until this time, I don't think anyone had ever heard of or seen a Series A2 184. We did not know it existed. Before this we though the 184 started off with Series A3. They were asking way to much for it, although, for a collectors point of view, it is important. The price dropped twice and then I made an offer and they accepted so I now have the light.

I was very curious as to how it would compare to the A3 and later lights so when it arrived I jumped right in and disassembled it. Other than being 6 volts I only see three notable differences from the A3. The Axel is smooth where the light holders mount, where in the A3 it is crosshatched. The tag is not embossed but stamped, which I haven't seen any Federal tags just stamped. It has four mounting bolts around the base which I suspect is for mounting to a plate and post.

Maybe someone else might notice a difference. I will post the process below for disassembly and show the components.
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This is how the light arrived. It did have a fairly new Dietz dome and the retaining band.

DSC_0044 (Small).jpeg DSC_0045 (Small).jpeg

Removed the bulb holders. The base is chromed brass and the top has a lot of chrome missing,likely from a dragging bulb holder.

DSC_0049 (Small).jpeg

Plate separated from base.

DSC_0051 (Small).jpeg

Removed door from gear box. Very clean inside and in great shape. Looks almost new.

DSC_0055 (Small).jpeg

Removed gear box with motor attached. Thrust bearing is still on end of shaft.

DSC_0056 (Small).jpeg

Gear box showing motor and slot where thrust bearing sits.

DSC_0058 (Small).jpeg

Top of plate showing conductive plate with the spacer and brass bearing removed.

DSC_0059 (Small).jpeg

Bottom of plate showing the alignment flange and positive wire for the conductive plate.

DSC_0060 (Small).jpeg

Conductive plate removed. You cans see the top alignment flange with the non-conductive insulator between it and the conductive plate.

DSC_0061 (Small).jpeg
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Clean and reassembly

DSC_0063 (Small).jpeg DSC_0064 (Small).jpeg

DSC_0065 (Small).jpeg

Note smooth shaft where bulb holder mount

DSC_0067 (Small).jpeg

DSC_0069 (Small).jpeg DSC_0070 (Small).jpeg

DSC_0073 (Small).jpeg DSC_0074 (Small).jpeg

4-0 steel wool with WD-40 to clean the chrome base

DSC_0078 (Small).jpeg

Brushes for the lights are in great shape

DSC_0080 (Small).jpeg DSC_0081 (Small).jpeg

Finished product. Waiting on the 6 volt bulbs to arrive.

DSC_0095 (Small).jpeg

Tag. It is very faded.

DSC_0090 (Small).jpeg

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