Beacon identification and questions

Jennifer Rose Towing

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I picked up a NOS beacon but I dont know much about it. I am not that into beacons or most mini bars for my collection but been wanting a 2-4 sealed beam light for a while. Unfortunately I drove too far picking it up to pass on it.

What I know,
Model is a Federal Signal MS-51317-03 and says 28 volts. Dome has F2 on top.

What I do not know (or not able to find out with some quick searching)
The beacon or dome model. I found the dome for this listed as a model 11, 14 and 100. (Is the whole thing a model 14?)

With it saying 28 volts, does that mean it is designed for 24 volt systems?

Its general age. IMO it looks too modern to be 30-40 years old. I would just guess at it being 10 give or take a few years.
Feel free to add whatever.

At this point I plan on selling this one and finding a better fit. Any idea on the value? It looks like the dome is at least worth a bit even if the guts are not.
(Feel free to pm me an offer if you are interested). I plan on listing it soon but knowing its value (parts or whole) would be nice.



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The model is a military version of the Federal 100 which is the modem version of the 14. Different motor (newer) and gearing from the model 14. 28 volts means just that.
Jennifer Rose Towing

Jennifer Rose Towing

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Thanks. I did read that thread during my initial search but it didnt clear it up for me (confirmation of model number or proper voltage).

Will the dome fit a model 11, 14 and 100? Any others?

I presume that this is similar to the Aerodynic, Aerohawk and Aerotwin in that they have the same frame/dome but the guts determine the model? My main knowledge is in full full-size lightbars, not beacons like this.

Thanks for the replies.

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Because it has 2 sealed beams it's actually a military version of the model 14, the model 100 had an open single reflector similar to a Sentry. Before it was discontinued the model 14 was available in both an aluminum and a polycarbonate base. The 11, 14 and 100 domes are interchangeable.

Jennifer Rose Towing

Jennifer Rose Towing

Site Regular
Thanks for the info!

In looking inside the light it appears to have a standard Federal Signal rotator moror with a different gear (and being 24 volt). Is their any reason I couldnt swap the motor/worm gear with a 12v motor (and lightbulbs) to make it function on 12v?

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