Can you synchronize multiple Liberty I/O boards?


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So, as I've posted before, I'm on a quest to have a 3 level dual color LED setup that can run amber, blue or both in all three levels. I feel like I should change my screen name to Don Quixote...

Anyway, rereading my thread about repurposing a WeCan control point and contemplating choices. Looked into the PCC8R, which would work - if I relied on the built-in patterns and sync of the lightheads, but given that I like different features of different brands, I;m likely going to mix Code 3 and Whelen, which throws a wrench squarely in that.

So I though about using 2 SmartLogic flashers, one for amber one for blue. While that would work for blue or amber, from my research there's no way to sync two SLF's to allow a non-epileptic pattern if I try to run both. And that's $325 worth of just flashers with my still having to pair leads to at least 4 light heads.

Then I saw the comments by FusionWolf and Nolines and it got me thinking:

I use to have my whole car run off a Whelen liberty IO board installed in a project box.

What about using a liberty sc I/O board and running off the mpc, I had a thought about that myself.

So I did some research.

At first I thought about getting a Liberty II / Duo I/O board, and simply extending the leads to each of the light heads. This would allow me to have sync'd patterns for both colors and more than enough outputs. A Duo board runs $200. But Liberty I boards are cheap - anywhere from $15 to $90. (I've come to the realization that a CenCom of some sort is likely in my future (unless the I/O board can handle the programming by itself).

So could I install Board 1 to run amber, Board 2 to run blue, and have them communicate? Should I stop tilting windmills and just settle for a simpler setup?

Any advice is appreciated.


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This definitely intrigues me im thinking of doing something similar but with dual wecan boards but the patturns will overlap theres a 3rd pin on the LC boards though thats not used if 12v is applied it syncs the heads in the bar but I wonder if wireing those pins on 2 LC boards will sync them then you can select your patturns wire the second color board in a mirror image of the other board and go that rout if that won't work maybe use a freedom I/O board (wecan with control point) to serve your purpose

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