Cruise lights on local small town unit.

Discussion in 'Vehicle Media' started by Station 3, May 16, 2017.

  1. Station 3

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    Local small town PD has step lights activated when cruise lights are on. They also go to full bright mode when you activate the Flood light option on the Legacy. I thought It looked kinda cool.

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  2. unityrv26

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    Can anyone please explain to me exactly what cruise lights are? And what they are used for? I've never worked for any place that uses them.
  3. buddek09

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    Cruise lights refer to lighting up just the corner modules or the whole lightbar, depending on the manufacturer, on a dim steady mode. They have many uses from letting residence know police are on patrol in the neighborhood, making easier to locate an officer for assistance, to being used when conducting investigations so the flashing lights aren't causing a lot of attention and disrupting peoples sleep.
  4. buddek09

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    Cruise lights are mainly on lightbars but some manufacturer's offer the feature on their light heads, like Whelen, so you don't have to limit it to just the lightbar.
  5. dmathieu

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    Honolulu, HI police were the first that I know of to use cruise lights. They were used on their Senior Rota-Beams back in the 1960s-1970s.
    They were also used in their Federal 174s.
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  6. LRGJr72

    LRGJr72 Premium Member

    The Stuart FLA Police use the cruise light feature on their lightbars (red/blue).

    IMG_7822.JPG IMG_7818b.jpg
  7. dmathieu

    dmathieu Premium Member

    CT State Police use them.
  8. coop359

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    A lot of Illinois tow trucks have them on the corner leds - Code 3 bars. Drive around With them on all the time.
  9. classifieds869294

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    MPDC uses them too
  10. pdk9

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    Most LE vehicles have the function, but it's up to the officers to actually utilize them. Typically, the 4 corners of the lightbar are steadyburn on lowpower to show a LE presence (i.e. nighttime patrol) without lighting up the street unnecessarily. It's also great for nighttime use so that other responding units (if it's a silent approach) see your unit parked on the side of the road as they pull up
  11. Pimp

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    High profile patrol, basically. The opposite of sneaking, without all of the siezureiffic stuff.
  12. unityrv26

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    I guess it makes sense. I guessing they aren't used in my area. I don't know of any cars in our county nor any on my department that are used. They aren't even an option on our cars. Interesting how different agencies can be.

    Thanks guys
  13. lotsofbars

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    Looks like a food truck.
  14. dg0223

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    I think those running board lights look stupid.
  15. OSP959(R)

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    I'm glad it's not just me...

    The only thing I have against LED's, is that they can be pretty much mounted anywhere, and requires self control on the part of person wanting them. I could never be an installer and light up a cruiser like a space ship.

    When I see cruisers like that, I feel like there should be aliens chasing it down the street screaming for the mother ship.
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