Fighting17th's Sale Thread

More Edge parts sold. Quantities updated. These parts are moving fast. Help me clear the rest out. Gonna have some knockoff blue LEDs and some radio and antenna parts for sale soon and a scanner.
Dropped almost all prices AGAIN! Get this stuff moving.
Parting out the Liberty if anyone wants parts.
There's some free stuff mixed in here too, just pay shipping!
Bump again! Added a few more items. Pictures coming shortly.
I will give away the black plastic dividers, Tomar dual halogen module, Code 3 360 lower domes, Legend dome holder things, Arjent boards if anyone has any use for those items. The domes are probably going in the trash soon to free up some room. Let me know if you need anything and I will get you a shipping price.
Updated some quantities. C'mon people let's get the rest of this stuff gone. Some stuff is even free!!!
Made some updates. Probably a few more things to be listed soon. Pics of Libby parts soon too.
BUMP. Added a bunch of items and dropped a few prices. Make sure to look through ALL 3 posts. Added some possible trade items as well.
Made some updates. Dropped some prices. Check out my trade items as well
Sold items removed. Bump. More coming soon
Updated! Added some new items and updated some quantities.
Sold 2 more Liberty modules, quantities updated. Make an offer on what's left.
Big update! But I will be on vacation for the next week, so won't be shipping until August 7th!
Updated. Back from the first vacation for 2 weeks. Help me get some of this stuff sold for spending money for the next one!
Items added! I'll be around one more day to ship, then on vacation again for a week.
Bump, get this last stuff sold! More coming soon!
Updated finally with some new pictures. More will probably be coming soon.
Sold items removed. Added a bunch of items that will probably be for sale soon. Let me know if anything interests anyone and I can get pictures ASAP.
Standby, uploading a few pics and info momentarily.
For some reason Flickr is having an issue right now. I stopped using Photobucket cause they're a**holes. I'll send some pics to you unlisted. I'll be uploading pics here whenever I can
Major update. Added A LOT of items. Please make an offer on multiple items! A lot more coming soon too!
Any idea what vehicle the Unity light is for? I think I want that lot,...
I cannot say for sure. Given that the department where I got these items from ran mostly Crown Vics, I would guess an older 90s Crown Vic, but they also had an early-mid 2000s Explorer that was totaled, that it could have possibly came off of, or it could have been for anything, again I can't say for sure just a guess. But for $25 plus shipping, why not give it a shot! Send me a PM if you're still interested. Thanks, John
A few more items sold on Facebook and removed. Let's get the rest of this stuff sold!
Sold items removed again, please make an offer on what's left.

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