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I kinda stumbled into the vintage light world recently, and it's all my 6 year old kids fault (even though I've been a fan of the ole "bubble gum machine" lights since my dad was a deputy back in the 80's). We were in the local junk yard and saw an old city truck with the old style amber beacon on top and he just had to have it. I looked at it and it was in pretty good looking shape so I asked the guy how much he would take for it, he said $20 so I bought it. Took it home, hooked it up to a battery and to my surprise it worked just fine!! I cleaned it up a little, mounted it to a magnetic base, and put it on my truck just in time for my son to get off the bus. He loved it!!! The more I've looked into it, the more I want to get into the hobby. Sorry in advance for any stupid questions I may ask LOL!!



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Welcome Aboard from South Florida.... Remember there are No Stupid Questions only Stupid Answers... Like this one! LOL

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That is one happy looking boy. That's how WE feel on the inside when WE play with our
Welcome to ELB

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there are a few TN board members near your neck of the woods if your near the "choo choo"

welcome to the forums!


Welcome. I have liked lights since I was very young. I’m in the Chattanooga area. I hit The GA line off 75 all the time.


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Welcome to eLB! Great group here and lots of knowledge. Someone here knows the answer to just about any question you could ask. Although, as you've already seen, sometimes humor gets the best of us... :)

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