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Maybe he means $30


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Found this on Craigslist local to me. Slimlighter and I think Ions made into a "lightbar".
Looks like Talons/Avengers...not Ions
just spotted this on ebay. i think this seller has been smoking something too.

BIN priced dropped from $249 to $219
I offered him $20 shipped and explained that the mechanicals were what would have made this light rare and worth his asking price. He said thanks...then lowered it to $175 and removed the offer option lol


Not the worst thing I've ever seen. Not that far off price wise... just buy it and take the Slimlighter and Talon/Avenger units off that metal piece.  
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This one also deserves a mention in the whacker / screwed up install thread:

Two ETD lights, in mismatched colors, "sold as a lot only and will not be broken up to sell individually. Great for security or firefighter!" Can anyone tell me where red front and amber/white rear lights are considered appropriate for anything? (CA and TX don't count).

The pictures are mostly useless, because the seller couldn't be bothered to take the lights out of his "FIRST RESPONDER" Crown Vic for photography, even though there's nothing actually holding the lights in place. In the one usable pic, the front light is obviously damaged and has rusty hardware. So much for "New other... installed for less than one month."

Icing on the cake: the seller's low feedback and other items, including knockoff Vipers.


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Actually, this is so bad it is sliding back into the realm of interesting stuff. Someone buying this would gain unlimited bragging rights as the owner of the worst light there is.

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I'm tossing this on the list because of what the guy is asking for it.

At first I thought the Model 24 might be an NYPD bar... and was like score!

then I looked closer and its gutted at best and a franken bar...  no motor, or rotators  just par lamp holders and V mirrors.

2nd bar is a Model 25 CF    it has a broken endcap but seller states it works..

tossed an offer at him.. and he proceeded to try and lecture me on value..  

my response..

:rolleyes: :crazy:

so now I sit here



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Title reads "Cherry"


it should read buy 1 get 2 free.



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Cherry? More like busted! The blue lens is held in place with tape; it's broken into probably 3 or more pieces and there's a chunk missing on the one side, maybe more. Big money for an untested "sold as is" bar that's clearly damaged and may need way more tlc than the seller admits to.

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