The HAM Radio Thread

Jarred J.

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dont have hf capabilities

Jarred J.

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cq whackers, cq cq cq cq whackers

Jarred J.

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wow been awhile since somene has posted on this thread. for all the new guys that are hams i resurrected it.

I have a few more radios since the begining of this thread i have:

220 Ht and Mobile
10m but no antenna for house
Byonics RTG 10 watt APRS

and a few other things.

I just renewed my licensce for the first time. 10 years already


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Congrats! I've recently aquired a Kenwood TS-440S from a silent key that was a member of my club. It will be going in my home shack, as soon as I get out of this apartment and get me a house. I also purchased from the estate of that silent key (passed away ham radio member, for those of you who do not know the terminology) 2 Baofeng UV-5XPs, and 1 UV-82. Going to donate the UV5XPs to my club most likely, allow them to be used or issued to new hams, or hams in need. I have a Kenwood TMD-710G that I am in the process of installing into my truck, and a TMV71A that will become my mobile base station. I also have a B-TECH DMR6X2 that I use as my primary portable/HT.


Never really made the connection between light bars and ham radio, but I guess I like both so go figure. Been a ham since 1992 and soon after found my first bar at a hamfest. Been out of the ham world for quite a while, but kept my license current. Getting back into vhf/uhf world now. 73's N1LRB

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