Explain Your Username to Us

CONFEDERATE= I live in Georgia. I am a Civil War Reenactor and Living Historian. FIREFIGHTER= Well, I'm a firefighter. DUH. lol Thats about that only thing i could think of at the time.


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I have a lengthy FD resume. I love to learn and I love to teach what I have learned. It has been my passion since 1983. Big ass resume and still so much to learn, that is why I love the fire field ... and someone called me this one day ... and it just kinda grew on me.


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First name starts with a "T" & "Squale" is the last part of my last name and my nickname


tsquale said:
First name starts with a "T" & "Squale" is the last part of my last name and my nickname

Good thing you explained it. I thought you were a dyslexic draftsman, and misspelled T-square :D


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BigWil said:
Good thing you explained it. I thought you were a dyslexic draftsman, and misspelled T-square :D

Haha while I am not a draftsman, I am dyslexic. If I ever pm any of you late at night and it doesn't make sense its because my mind plays tricks on my words :p


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First,Middle,Last initials,then my area code

can take it with me to any agency I switch to!

I'm flexible like dat! yo!

Turd Ferguson

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Easy. I live in King County WA, the Seattle area, and a a former SAR volunteer.


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Random name generator, it stuck.


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Jman423 said:
Many of you have created your username from some mash-up of numbers, words, or names, tell us what they mean?

There are some usernames that are pretty straightforward, but there are far more usernames that only really mean something to the user that created it... share with us, if you will, the meaning behind it!
AAAAHHHHH Thats my name....LOL


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FIREfighter-paraMEDIC, Radio number 129


Kyle- my first name S-first initial of my last name. Also make my first name plural, don't know why.


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John said:
My name is John, and I got to it first.
Chief1565 fire police last position held before losing my leg above knee. Department later retired the badge and postion.


alxjmrk- My first name, MI, last name- without most of the vowels.

Usually is FireNinja(insert unit number) but I felt that would be lost in the pile of FF names on the site.


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Mine was a nickname that was given to me many years ago that originally came from the Jay and Silent Bob movies. It has stuck ever since then. I use it all the time and am quite well known by it. HA HA :)


My initials, RLS; followed by LLC, like limited liability company, even though I am just a private individual. I use it on all of the forums I visit.

I was going to try to have a service company years ago, and this was what I used for email, etc for it, but it didn't work out. I still have that same email.

You can call me Roy.


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First initial, Last name, Badge #


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I own a 1968 Plymouth Road Runner, Ply ( Plymouth ) Beep ( beep beep- you know the horn! ) 68(model year)


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My truck, 2001 Mazda B3000

Im on alot of other forums and use the same name.


I am a Peace Officer with the Schenectady County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals (SC-SPCA) and if anyone cares my nys radio ID is 7G341


It's a L.E.O. thing.

I have people aske me from time to time, as it is also a License plate on one of our vehicles.

My response to them, is "if you are meant to know what it is, then you already do."


is abreviation used in the (i am embarrassed to say) skating world for Rink Operator which is a fancy term for Manager. At 25 I was a manager of a local rink and had Rinkopr added to my car's plate. Name stuck to me with my radio buddies and have used that ever since.


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I drive a 7 D 9 camaro Z 2 8

Was supposed to be the license plate too but didn't work out

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