How many light bars do you have in your collection?


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This is what I have, don't have the room(or money!) for anything else. I've sold off a lot over the past couple years.


Aerodynic 24EA R/B/R/B candycane lenses, TS200 speaker

Aerodynic 25CF red with clear over the Cross-Fire

Aerotwin 24RQ R/C candycane lenses, TS200 speaker

Lectric-Lites XLR clear domes with rear blackout, R/A/B filters

Code-3 XL9000 R/C sealed beams

50" Edge 9000 4 strobe R/R, amber rear flashers

Edge R/B halogen Piercer

Lots of Edge and Aerodynic lenses


SVP 1166 teardrop red, still being used until the truck gets 360 LED warning

Federal 14 x2 amber, A1 and A2 series aluminum

Federal 100F amber

Federal Vitalite x2, one red and one amber mag. mount

Mars Skybolt SW2 blue Military Surplus

Whelen 1200D amber

Whelen 800 red

Warn-A-Lite 851 amber

Target-Tech Firebolt + red

Federal Target-Tech 551 + amber

Lectric-Lites Star-Flash amber mag. mount

Lectric-Lites Astro-Flash amber pipe mount

Lectric-Lites Astro-Flash red mag. mount (one heck of a throw-light!)

Whelen 9802MC head C/R/B/C, R/B PAR36's, and ISP94 supply(motorcycle strobe warning setup)


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For me I have the following




1.Force 4 Xl Boston Police Bar

1.Code 3 LP6000 Phoenix Pd

1.Whelen 8000 (internals may be from an advantage not sure)

1.North American Signal Teardrop light


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In the moment...

Federal Signal Vama - Vista

Federal Signal Vama - Vector

Federal Signal - Vision

Federal Signal - Jetsonic 2x

Code 3 - MX7000

Whelen - Edge 9000

Hella - Rtk 3

Hella - Rtk 4

Hella - Rtk 6

Becker - Sinfo


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Light Bars:

  1. Whelen Edge Mini - B/Spacer/B, B/B/B, Clear Alleys


  1. Generic Magentic Beacon (Red)
  2. Generic Magnetic Beacon (Blue)

Interior Lights:

  1. Whelen Slimlighter 5mm R/A


  1. Some SVP Siren


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Code 3 Mini SD

36'' MX7000

Mini Vector

Streethawk B/C/B - restoration project

Code 3 420 shell


Whelen cr212 - red and amber domes

Code 3 dashlaser - red/ clear&red / Blue domes - For Sale

Whelen L32 - red

Star Strobe beacon - amber - For Sale


Sound Off Ultralite 2 - red/red - For Sale

Sho-Me Red/Red dash light

Federal Signal Viper S2 single - red


24 and 12 volt PA300's - For Sale

Whelen 295HFS1A

Carson SC1022

Signal SS650 and SS700 - Both For Sale

Unitrol TM4 - For Sale


22'' LFL Liberty - LIN12 Corners, plus 2 500 series LIN6, 1 front, 1 rear

Nova Microdash Strobe in red, looking to make clear

4 Whelen Vertex, white, 1 in each corner.

2 Sound Off LED3's in the grille

Whelen Alpha series pushing 100 watts

Whelen 295HF100 pushing 100 watts

MPD 818

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Not as many as most, but here is what I have:

Federal Signal Visibar

Federal Signal Twinsonic 12X

Federal Signal Aerodynic

Federal Signal Strobe Hawk

Code 3 XL with Stingers

and en route via USPS

Lectric Lites Strobe Bar

I have the following Beacon Rays:








Ialso have numerous other sirens and odds and ends. :)


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Twinsonic 12X R/B

Twinsonic 12X R/C Clear Domes

(twinsonic parts bar, frame, chain, rotators)

Advantage R/B-Used by DPD

Mini Jet 2 beacon R/B-Used by DPD

Mini Jet 3 beacon Amber

Target Tech Turbo Beam 22 A/C/A-my very first bar 1992

Edge 9000 8 Head A/B

MX7000 rotator/strobe/rotator/strobe/rotator, with sweeps, quad TD, Full Arrow, alley, A/B

Street Hawk All Blue


Fed Sig 174 Red

Fed Sig CJ184 Red x2

C3 Deck Blaster A/C

Dual Avenger A/B

Dual Talon A/B

Split Talon x2 A/B (thanks Cory)

Dash Laser Green

C2 XT3 Dual Head A/B x2

SOS Ghost Flange A/G x2

C3 Scorpion Siren

Fed Sig PA300

Whelen Switch Siren 295HFSA5 (thanks Cory)

Code 3 52 Inch Arrow Stick

Whelen Arrow/end strobe



I currently have 8 lightbars and 3 beacons


60" Code 3 xl5000 R/R with speaker section

Mini Code 3 xl5000 Red

Mini Fedsig Aerodynic R/C/C/R with TCL

Fedsig Mini Vector R/R/R

Sho-me stealth mini strobe bar

48" Fedsig Arjent Custom C/C/C with red LEDs

48" Fedsig Vista R/C/R

Currently on truck: 55" LED outfitters Rex Linear Lightbar R/C


Code 3 Dashlaser Red

Fedsig firebeam R/C

SVP pancake Rotator Red


Fedsig smartsiren

Carson 1022 volunteer siren

Fedsig switchbox

Linemaster foot pedal for carson siren

Unitrol omega 90 dual amps being shipped with 5000 controller


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Dont know if I call it a Collection from what Ive seen here, but got a few and that is changing when it comes to Bars. Got about 30 different throw, revolving lights and strobes. As far as the bars go here today gone tommarow, but this is the current list.

3 twinsonics

1 Code 3 SD sealed beam

1 whelen Edge

1 Advantedge

1 Jetsteam

1 Vector

1 Streethawk twin strobe in center

Waitn on a Mini SD sealed beam

1Code 3 XL 5000 Mini halogen

1 Jetsonic Mini

1 MX 5000 full size

1Code 3 Mini Sealed Beam

1 Strobe Hawk Red USAF Crash truck

2 more Edge 9000

Sirenlite model 20

1 Beacon Ray Jr Red

2 Whelen Deputies

4 Rotabeams

1 Corpral

2 Mcdermott can lights

FS Model 14 1st Generation

3 Responders with Flash Shields

1 Fireball Red

1 Fireball 2 Red and Clear Lens

3 Code 3 Dashlasers

1 SVP Teardrop Red

2 SW Volunteers

1KnD teardrop

1 DZ teardrop

1 FS Firebeam

1 Five O light

SVP Pancake light

1 Arrow 4 Beacon Light model 537

whelen 1200 D strobe

Whelen Strobe forget model number lol

Got some odds and ends and other public safety items like helmets flashlights, scene lights, Badges and patches. Im sure Im forget some things.LOL


You all have some Great Collections on here!!
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My collection NOW consists of:

1 Regular Vector

1 Smart Vector

7 Edges

6-8 Jetsonics

10-12 MX7000's

Smith & Wesson 8884


SVP 202

2 Vistas


2 AeroTwinSonics

LAPD Aerodynic

Model 26 Aerodynic

4 Lectric Lights bars

Code 3 XL

Rontan Winglux

4-5 JetStreams

Dietz beacon

Unity RV-26

Whelen Respnd-A-Strobe

FS Motorized mirror lights

Motorcycle strobes

+More dash/deck lights.


At its peak my collection was about 25 bars and 15 beacons, but has declined greatly due to space and cash limitations. Right now I'm looking at:

1. Edge 9000 Duplex

2. MX7000

3. Vector w/all 7 pods "smart"

4. StreetHawk

5. All-clear Vista

6. R/C/B Vista

7. AS2
Geez... I was happy knowing I had FOUR bars! Nice lists, hope to get there one day.

So far I have:

1 federal Signal Street Hawk B/B Amber rear wig wag

1 Federal signal Jetsonic C/C for now, but hope to make it purple

1 Code3 LP6000 A/A

1 Code3 MX7000 B/C/B

1 Whelen Dashking 2000 A

1 Code3 Dashlazer w/mirror R or A

And and old amber "cherry"

Mars Light

A small but fine an mine collection:

1x all clear Streethawk NYPD

1x AeroDynic 22H

1x Aerodynic SEAH

1x MX7000 with TA


1x Jetsonic

3x Mars Skybolt SW-2 in red, blue and clear

Update August 2011:

1x Jetstream JSL
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My collection:

Lightbars and minibars:

1 Aerodynic R/B 24EAH

1 Aerodynic R/B AD 5212

1 Aerohawk Din Blue 72"

1 Aerodynic A/A Ad 5200

1 Vector Smart R/B/C

6 Code 3 LP 6000 Din Blue 48"

1 Visibar Modell 11 R/B

1 Code 3 MX 7000 Strobe

1 Code 3 MX 7000 LAPD

1 Code 3 XL 5000

1 Jetstream All light Nypd

1 Jetsonic JL

1 Twinsonic 12X Green domes

1 Twinsonic 12X R/B

1 Twinsonic 12F R/R

1 Vision Alert Evolution(UK) Amber

2 Vista Strobe (Espanol Police)

1 Whelen mini Edge 9M

1 Raydian LED All blue 456100-00036

1 Mini Vectro B/R/B

1 Sound Off Pinacle R/B

1 XL 5100M Din Blue

1 Aerodynic 22 B/B

1 Aerodynic 22I A/B

1 Highlighter Mini A/C

1 Highlighter Eco Led Amber

2 Vision Alert Ecco Amber


2 FS Fireball FB1 Red

2 FS Fireball FBH1 Red and Blue

1 FS FB 15 Red

1 FS Flashball Red

1 FS FB2 Blue (rotator)

1 FS FB2+Mirror

4 FS FB2 DST Strobe Blue and Clear

1 FB3SM Din Blue

1 FB3SM Amber

1 FB3SM Red (Nypd version,big mag,and coiled cord)

1 FB3SM Clear

1 FBME Green

1 FB3MEF Blue

1 FB3+UF7 Combo Pack R/B

1 FB3+UF7 Combo Pack R/C

1 FS Vitalite 121S Red

1 FS Modell 14 Red

1 FS Modell 14SB C/R/B

1 FS Modell 100 Amber

2 FS Modell 176 C/R/A/B

2 FS CJ 184 Red and Blue

2 FS CJ 284+ 200 watt speaker Red

........ :crazy:


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Here's a friend of mine's collection:

Aerodynic LAPD Good Condition

Aerodynic Sacramento Spec

Code 3 360 D-tech/LEDX NOS

Whelen 8000 Memphis TN spec

Code 3 Force 4 NOS

Jetstream HMBPD CA blue NOS

CTS clear/colored bulbs red/red

CTS Red very good+ cond.

CTS red bad cond.

CTS1S S.F.P.D red/red

Sireno CA spec red/blue

Aerodynic 24SEAH EU/CA spec

Aerodynic 24C needs CA domes

Code 3 LAFD single Select-Alert

Code 3 Select-Alert DoubleLAFD

Tomar CA Red/Blue

Rotan CA Red/Blue BNIB

TwinS 12 w/ Proto. R dome NOS

174 Super Beacon 6volt GREAT


HMBPD MX Blue Very Good

HMBPD Whelen Edge Blue

San Diego Vista 1Red NOS

San Diego Vista 2 Red/Blue

Vista Strobe CA

(8) Jetsonic J-cal

JC-1 CHP jetsonic PARTS BAR

Aerotwin PARTS BAR

Blue CTS dome

Vista LED t/a, steady cudas CA

3 x CA Domes (2)CTS (1)Sireno

CopLite (round & square)

Vista Reg. CA R/B

CHP deck lights SML2 w/tag


CA Red LEDX double in a C3 oscillator Housing

Whelen DMH CA Steady red BNIB

(2) S&M lamp 711 Steady PAR46

Code 3 PSE Amber DEMO display w/lights

Code 3 Strobe DEMO display w/lights

(2) Code 3 PAR36 LEDX DEMO

Code 3 MX smart intersection + NOS set

20+ PAR46 bulbs

(20+) whelen 8000 domes R/B

Whelen Dash Master Proto. CA

Model 16 dome/skirt NOS

Twinsonic series 2 motor

Code 3 small intensity ambulance NOS/demo CA

Jetsonic Lens LOT NOS/used

Federal Commander

Federal Twin (hinge) mounts NOS

LED dash lights r/r & b/a

174C 6 volt tag/base/motor

Code 3 XL CA Huntington Beach Patrol Clear

Code 3 Select-Alert single Napa CA

Code 3 Select-Alert Double LAFD

Code 3 Select-Alert Parts/all bar

CTS1S All Red Great interior condition

CTS1M All Red Great interior condition

CopLite (square) mag. NOS

Whelen Halo CAL Dashmaster r/b

(2) FireBall federal lights Red

amb&blue GE PAR 36 beams

Sho-me dash lights parts/working

UK rotating amber beacon

(2) BNIB FS MML Red CA spec

BNIB M&A 4 beam flasher light

Twinsonic small speaker cover

HMBPD CTS alley lights


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Here's my updated collection:

(13) Red/Blue and all amber East Bay Regional Parks police, CA Mx7000's

(4) Red/Blue and Red/Red EBRPP JetStreams

(3) Red/Red and Red/Blue EBRPP JetSonics

EBRPP Amber AeroTwinSonic

Red/Blue EBRPP Parts CTS

San Jose FD MX7000

San Jose PD Vista

(2) San Jose PD FS motorized mirror lights

SJPD dual red/blue coplite dash light

San Jose FD Red Model 25 Aerodynic

San Jose FD Whelen Rota-Beam II

San Jose FD Dietz steady red light

Contra Costa Co. sheriff Whelen Edge

(4) Red/Blue CAL State Parks Whelen Edges

Red/Blue Davis PD Smart Vector

Red/Blue Lake Shastina PD SVP-202

Red/Blue Alameda Sheriff JetSonic

Red/Blue LAPD Aerodynic

(2) Red/Blue B-LINK Edge's

Red/Blue CA LED Rontan Winglux

Red/Blue Sonoma PD Federal Signal Vista

Red/Blue Rohnert Park PD StreetHawk

Clear Federal Signal Vector

(4) red/blue Lectric Lights Ranger Bars. Both styles

Amber Code 3 XL

Yolo Co. Sheriff JetSonic

Browns Ambulance, now Sonoma Life Support AeroTwinsonic

Red/Blue CA Smith & Wesson

Red Unity RV-26 Beacon

Red/Blue CA Federal Signal Viper dash light

Single Red Federal Signal light

Blue/Amber Federal Signal Deck Light

Amber Dietz 7-11 Beacon

Sho-Me LED red/blue Dash Light

Red Code 3 Dashlaser

+ Some more parts


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Whelen: 4800OSC Advantedge

4000 7 rotator Advantedge

9000 Edge bar 4S 6F TD AL Westboro FD MA

9M 8S 4L TD AL Framingham PD, MA

DPS Freedom

Boston PD Liberty

Federal: MSP Jetstrobe

LAPD Aerodynic

Aerodynic 24EAH

Aerodynic 24MEAH


Code 3: Boston PD XL5000 NIB

MX7000 Arrow, TD AL FF

Mini Excal 36' SB, TD, AL, 4RF LED int


I've got a few.


4500 series flush mount Advantedge 7+ feet wide.

4200 series Advantedge 4 rotators

9000 series Duplex Edge With Green beacon on top and T/A

9M Mini Edge

Federal Signal

Streethawk All-Light, Clear domes, red and blue filters, and has sweeps.

Streethawk R/R with speaker housing

Vista R/C/B fully loaded

3 Full Sized Aerodynics

Mini Aerodynic

2 Smart Vectors

Thunderbolt 1000t siren =D

Code 3

2 Mx7000s fully loaded

Mini XL sealed beam
Federal Signal Twinsonic 12x r/r domes

Federal Signal Twinsonic Clear domes red front flashers amber rear, red/clear bulbs

Federal Signal AeroTwin r/r domes

Federal Signal AeroDynic r/r domes

Federal Signal Street Hawk all light Clear domes with r/b/c/b/r filters

Federal Signal Smart Vector r/b/c/r/c/b/r domes

Federal Signal Vista halogen clear domes r/b/c/b/r filters

Federal Signal Vista halogen r/c/c/r domes

Code 3 SD clear domes with red/clear bulbs

Code 3 XL clear domes

code 3 XL r/b

Code 3 MX7000 clear domes r/b/c/b/r filters LOADED(no empty options in the bar)

Code 3 Excalibur clear domes r/b/c/r/b filters

Code 3 Excalibur r/c/c/r domes

Whelen 98 Diagnostic bar red/blue amber rear flashers clear take downs and alleys

Whelen 9M b/b/r/b/r/b/r/r 8 strobe 8 led

Whelen Messenger

Whelen Ultra r/c/r/c/r/c/r 12 strobe 8 LED, B-link

Whelen Liberty r/td/c/r/opticom/r/c/td/r with amber arrowstick

China knock off bar looks like a code 3 2100

Multiple beacons

17, 17a, 173, 174, 175, 176, 14, 184


2 Q2b 6v

2 Q2b 12v

2 Sireno 6v

1 Federal Signal WG

1 Federal Signal WL

1 Federal Signal 66LR

and this is what I can think of off the top of my head...


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well after looking at all you guys have i think i'll share what we have now and what we used to have:

own currently:

Federal Signal Highlighter Halogen Amber(fixing up. will be for sale if anyone wants it. permanent mount.)

Whelen Edge 9004 8 strobe, TD's, alleys, rear flashers all blue with red/amber flashers

Whelen Liberty 16 head linear blue bar with T/A

previously owned:

Federal Signal Aerodynic 8 rotator version R/W

Whelen 8000 R/R

Whelen Edge 9000 8 strobe R/R

Whelen Mini Edge 8 strobe R/R

Wolo Aurora mini bar B/B (knock off of the Aerostar 24 series)

LEDoutfitters Mini Blitz B/B

what we currently are using

current setup:

2000 Dodge Dakota:

LEDoutfitters Vulture L2 dash light B/B

LEDoutfitters SEM3 Amber

LEDoutfitters SM24 B/B

XKGlow 9 head LED hideaway kit B/W

Whelen Liberty all blue with T/A

2010 Chevrolet Impala:

LEDoutfitters Vulture L2

Whelen 4 strobe 80w HAW

1997 Ford Thunderbird:

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Ok, so I posted my list on here before. I just remembered I posted a video on the YouTube a while ago. I have a small following on YT and they asked me for this video. Now keep in mind, I've learned a LOT in the short time I've been here, so there are some whacker material... but it's progressing lol.

The MX7000 is completely different now

Almost done with them. They DID have blue domes


I don't have a photo, but I do have a catpure form some video.


And the LP6000 are back to amber


My wall I'm starting to build


This is the early Streethawk videos, again... look past my whackerness


I have a couple here goes...

1 whelen 8000 blue/red 48 inch 2-360s 4-180s with cruise

1 whelen 8000 blue/blue 48 inch 2-360s 4-180s with cruise

1 whelen 9000 blue/red 48 inch TD-alleys rear h-flash 8 strobes

1 federal twin sonic 24x 48 inch red/red domes

1 federal twin sonic 24x 52 inch clear/domes red and clear bulbs

3 whelen Dash Masters

3 whelen DMS
In my collection I have 12

AeroDynic-West Virginina State Police

Jetsonic R/B

Jetstream all amber

Twinsonic (3) R/B R/R Third for parts

Vista Hologen (2) R/B second for parts

Vista Strobe-Ohio State Highway Patrol

Yankee Deitz R/B

Galaxy 911 R/B

Whellen 9008 strobe amber and green

And an off brand cheap LED R/B with built in traffic advisor



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8 Hella RTK 6 (2 emergency doctor with strobes, 1 police with rotators, 2 police with LED, 2 police with strobes, 1 self compiled airport)

1 Hella Mini RTK 4

1 Britax Maxim 90

1 Aerodynic 24X

1 Becker Sinfo

1 Pintsch Bamag TOPas

1 FedSig Vama P7000

1 FedSig Vama Phoenix Strobe

1 FedSig Vama Vector

1 FedSig Vama Vista

1 Whelen Mini Edge

actually ordered a few days ago: FedSig Aerodynic LAPD (with Hella alleys)




(Not on the pictures: Vista and Phoenix)


I just have one.

A Federal Signal SUPER Smart Vector.

I added two more smart pods to position 1 and 7, and another smart board, so it has two boards, 4 smart pods (position 1, 2, 6 and 7)

also I just the wire to the motor in the center pod, so it is steady burn to the front.

I still have yet to find the plastic pegs that hold the board up, so I have not worked on finishing the bar and has been sitting in the spare bedroom for 3 years now.

I 26

Just 6 for now...

Federal Signal LAPD Aerodynic

Federal Signal Premium Vision

Federal Signal Twinsonic

Federal Signal Streethawk

Code 3 MX7000

Tomar 950H


I thought I had already replied to this thread, but I guess I haven't. Here's my humble inventory:

-Federal Signal TwinSonic 12 - Red/Blue

-Federal Signal TwinSonic 12X - Red/Clear (Red/Clear Bulbs under Clear dome)

-Federal Signal AeroDynic, 3.5 Section - Red/Blue

-Federal Signal JetSonic, independent rotator former Texas DPS lightbar - Red/Blue

-Federal Signal JetSonic, chain driven rotators - Clear/Clear (I took the filters out)

-Federal Signal JetSonic, chain driven rotators - BRBA-ARBR

-Federal Signal Streethawk - Red/Clear/Blue

-Federal Signal Streethawk - Red/Clear/Blue

-Federal Signal Vista - Clear (Blue Filters)/Clear/Clear (Red Filters)

-2 Federal Signal Vitalites - Red

-Federal Signal Viper S2 - Red/Blue

-SVP Blue Teardrop

-Whelen Edge 9000, 4 strobe - Red/Blue-Red/Blue

-Whelen Edge 9000, 8 strobe - Red/Blue

-Whelen Responder DX - Clear (Red/Blue Filters)

-Code 3 MX7000 - Red/Blue Cameron County bar with lower blue/amber strobes to the front and lower amber/amber strobes to the rear.

-Code 3 MX7000 - Clear (Blue/Amber rotator filters)/Clear (Red rotator filters) Cameron County bar with lower red/blue strobes to the front and lower red/blue strobes to the rear.

-Code 3 MX7000 - Clear (Half-circle filters Blue/Blue-Blue/Amber)/Clear (Half-circle Blue/Blue)/Clear (Half-circle Red/Amber-Red/Red)

-Amber Arrowstik/Traffic Advisor bar with Red/Blue strobes at either end.


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1 Federal Signal Mini Vector, 2-95fpm 1-175fpm

Whelen 9M Mini Edge, 4 Strobe

Code 3 36" MX7000, 4-95fpm Rotators, 120 Degree sweeps, 1 Pair halogen flashers



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Two 52" Aerodynic U.S. Army (80's vintage) one is now mounted on the roof (arctic top) of my (22k original mile) 67 Jeep M715 5/4 ton Army pick up truck (bar is fully functional, but not wired to truck, which is 24 volt). The other bar is mounted to the wall of my garage at my cabin in WI and is fully functional (wired to a 12 volt car battery). I'll take some current pictures the next time I'm up there. Here are the lights and the truck before mounting.




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Lookin' forward to those pics, MSP1989SSP!


MSP1989SSP said:
Two 52" Aerodynic U.S. Army (80's vintage) one is now mounted on the roof (arctic top) of my (22k original mile) 67 Jeep M715 5/4 ton Army pick up truck (bar is fully functional, but not wired to truck, which is 24 volt). The other bar is mounted to the wall of my garage at my cabin in WI and is fully functional (wired to a 12 volt car battery). I'll take some current pictures the next time I'm up there. Here are the lights and the truck before mounting.
Wow... great look! :thumbsup:



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fireball3 said:
Wow... great look! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the compliments! I also used to own this Whelen Edge bar (along with the attached 86 Mustang SSP), but I sold it at auction almost 2 years ago after I lost my job.

GSP SSP Front.jpg


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MSP1989SSP said:
Two 52" Aerodynic U.S. Army (80's vintage) one is now mounted on the roof (arctic top) of my (22k original mile) 67 Jeep M715 5/4 ton Army pick up truck (bar is fully functional, but not wired to truck, which is 24 volt). The other bar is mounted to the wall of my garage at my cabin in WI and is fully functional (wired to a 12 volt car battery). I'll take some current pictures the next time I'm up there. Here are the lights and the truck before mounting.
As promised here are my 2 Aerodynic light bars. I got them from a guy I met at a car show last September who wanted to know if I wanted a couple of light bars for my 89 MN State Patrol SSP that I had entered in the show. I told him they did not use light bars, but I would be interested in the light bars anyway. I got the pair for $100. I cleaned them up a little and tested both of them. I removed the speakers (too heavy) and no parts or bulbs had to be replaced.






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