How many light bars do you have in your collection?


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How many light bars do you have in your collection?

I currently have:

1 1984 style Whelen Edge 9000 (CAL) R/B

1 Code 3 MX7000 R/B

1 Code 3 XL (CAL) R/R

2 Whelen B-Link bars R/B

2 Whelen 8000 bars (CAL) R/B

1 Smith & Wesson 8800 (CAL) R/B

1 Federal Signal CTS R/R

1 Federal Signal Vector C/C

1 Federal Signal AeroTwinSonic R/C

1 Federal Signal LAPD Aerodynic R/B

1 Code 3 LP6000 A/A

1 Rontan Winglux (CAL) R/B

1 Federal Signal Vista R/B

1 Federal Signal JetSonic (CAL) R/B

Let's see who has the most...
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Fast LT1

I've just got the one, and its mounted on a tahoe! :(


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I currently have 15:

-1 Aerodynic 24CA, old style PAR holders, alleys cut-out in the endcaps, red blue with double amber to the driver's side rear

-1 AeroDynic 25T, 10 rotators, in amber with clear endcaps

-1 AeroDynic 25CF with old style CrossFire all red

-1 AeroDynic LAPD 24EAH

-1 AeroDynic LAPD 24EAH-T2Z all-light

-1 AeroDynic 24R clear domes

-1 AeroDynic 25RWL sealed beams wrecker special

-1 AeroDynic NYPD 24RMVF-2Z

-1 AeroDynic 24SEAH

-1 mini Code 3 XL mini sealed beams Clear

-1 54" Code 3 XL 4 ind. rotators in red

-1 J-CAL Jetsonic

-1 MX7000 Quebec Provincial Police

-1 LP6000 "MSHP"

-1 Montreal PD Dominion Auto crossbar


-many Dominion Auto Flat Top Red-Blue-Amber

-1 Dominion Auto Hill-Light

-1 Dominion Auto round Top

-1 Dominion Auto Junior

-1 SVP 1166 all 4 colors

-1 Mars Skybolt

OK, Ryan, come on now :p
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I have 4.

Streethawk, MX7000, Excaliber, and a Whelen 9000.


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1 Force 4 XL, 48" model (R/B/speaker/A/G)

1 Force 4 XL mini-bar (B/R)

1 AeroDynic, model 24 (A/A/A/A/speaker/A/A/A/A)

1 AeroDynic, model 24EAH NDHP-spec (A/R/R/C/speaker/C/R/R/A with red alley cut-outs)

2 mini-AeroDynics, model 22 (one is B/C/C/R and the other is R/C/C/B)

1 Twin Beacon Ray aka "Visibar" with CP-25 speaker (R/B)

1 AeroTwinSonic, model 24 RQ (all clear lenses with red/blue 4416s)

1 TwinSonic, model 12X (all clear lenses with red/white 4464 bulbs)

1 mini-bar project made from a spare clear XL dome and free-form rotators (if that counts:haha:)


Yankee 1162, amber

2 Dietz 2-11s, one red, one blue

Signal Stat 370, amber

Tripp Lite RF-63, blue

Tripp Lite S-75 "hill light," amber

2 Tri-Lite Mark 12, 120V beacons, R/B

Grote 7622, amber

KD Lamp Co 888 beacon, four 4416s, amber

FedSig Fireball II 120V strobe, blue

FedSig Model 100, metal rotator, amber

FedSig Model 14, series B (newer black plastic base), clear w/ R/B 4416s

FedSig Model 176 Beacon Ray seris A1, clear w/ B/A 4416s

FedSig Model CJ184 series A1, clear w/ R/C/B/A 4416s

(Formally owned) North American Signal model AC150SP, 115V, clear


FedSig FireBeam, dual-speed w/ Ultra-Flash mirror, blue

FedSig FireBeam, regular speed w/ Ultra-Flash mirror, red

FedSig Magnabeam, dual speed, clear dome with red, blue, and amber half-filters

2 FedSig Viper 2 dash/deck strobes, amber

FedSig Viper dual strobe dash light, red/clear

FedSig SML1 with Whelen Vertex LAW installed, blue

JC Whitney Eagle Eye teardrop, red w/ spare blue dome

SVP 1166 teardrop, newer square rotator, blue

Tripp Lite model M3HA teardrop, amber

Homemade rear deck light w/ 2 Peterson amber turn signal/hazard lights (the rectangular ones with a small parabolic reflector) and 579 alt. flasher

GM handheld spotlight with red 4416

Electro-Lite handheld spotlight with blue 4416

Linky to pics of above mentioned: CrownVic97's ShowCase :: CrownVic97's Collection
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Not many, I'm limited on space and the wife just doesn't understand the concept of collecting emergency lights. :hopeless: She thinks I'm :weird: But, she could be right! :bonk:

1 TwinSonic model 12, mid 1970's vintage (appears to have never been installed)

1 Code 3 SD mini, late 1970's vintage

1 Code 3 XL mini, made from a full size bar

1 Aerodynic 22, independent rotators

1 Jetsonic mini

So 5 in total, but only 1 full size bar.


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Lets count them up...

Federal Signal

1 Twinsonic CTS from the T.V. show Code Red

1 Twinsonic CTS Small R/B

1 Twinsonic CTS medium R/R

1 Twinsonic CTS B/B multnomah CSO

1 Twinsonic CTS C/C

1 Twinsonic CTS R/B (New Old Stock in the box)

1 Twinsonic 12SX Small R/B

1 Twinsonic 12MX medium R/R

1 Twinsonic 12X B/B (New Old Stock In the box)

1 Twinsonic 12X C/C domes R/C bulbs

1 Twinsonic 12SF small R/B

1 Twinsonic 12MF R/R

1 Twinsonic 12F B/B

1 Twinsonic 12FX C/C domes R/C bulbs

1 Twinsonic 12FP B/B (Honolulu police bar with factory cruise lights and flashers)

2 Twinsonic 12-A1Z C/C domes R/C bulbs (model 12X on drivers model 12 on passengers, FHP special order)

1 Twinsonic 12 Earnest Holmes

1 Twinsonic 12MEF R/R

1 Twinsonic 12EV R/R (New Old Stock in the box)

1 Twinsonic 12EV A/A

1 Twinsonic 12EV A/A (with flasher option) A.K.A 12EVF

2 Twinsonic 12EF A/A

1 Twinsonic 12E

plus 160 or so other twinsonics.

Federal Signal

1 Visibar R/B with CP25

1 Visibar R/R with 100 watt projection speaker

1 Visibar R/B with Visibeam mount in Center

Federal Signal

1 Jetsonic OSP (with "smart Rotators")

1 Jetsonic OSP (2nd Generation with center mount 360' strobes inde rotators)

both have blue hostage lights installed

1 Jetsonic JC1 (California spec bar with "Smart Rtators" and rear flash, steady red and T/D)

Code 3

1 code 3 sd triple threat C/C/C domes R/C bulbs

1 Code 3 SD 52" C/C domes R/C bulbs

1 Code 3 SD 48" R/B (California Spec with rear outer rotators that spin and flash)

So 35 I can remember and about 160 I don't display

CFD125 and Motorolamaniac have both witnessed the collection!!!! and they LIVED!

[Broken External Image]: Equipment Collection/DSC04260.jpg

[Broken External Image]: Equipment Collection/Code 3 SD Cal spec/DSC04892.jpg

[Broken External Image]: Equipment Collection/Code 3 SD Cal spec/DSC04889.jpg

[Broken External Image]: Equipment Collection/Code 3 SD triple threat/DSC04323.jpg

[Broken External Image]: Equipment Collection/Code 3 SD triple threat/0622002012.jpg

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nerdly_dood said:
What's this?
It was a Twinsonic made for Holmes, a company that produced tow truck bodies. As far as I know the lightbar was an ordinary Twinsonic but it had different nametags on it.


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philyumpshus said:
It was a Twinsonic made for Holmes, a company that produced tow truck bodies. As far as I know the lightbar was an ordinary Twinsonic but it had different nametags on it.



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I have 9 Currently, and they come and go:

1 Aerodynic 52" Gear drive with speaker, 6 rotators and 4 flashers and alleys

1 Streethawk 48" With speaker grill, 4 rotators, takedowns and alleys

1 All light Streethawk 48" With a center TCL, intersection sweeps, 4 rotators, 2 front and 4 rear flashers, takedowns and alleys

SOON TO BE A R/C/R/C/R/C/R Vector lightbar from a friend.

1 Code 3 MX7000 52" ALL LIGHT lightbar; only one I've ever seen. Conventional 5 rotators, front and rear flashers, intersection sweeps, takedowns and alleys (currently the headboard of my bed LOL)

1 Code 3 360 48" fully loaded 12 strobe with x-crossfire intersection strobes, 4 front and 2 rear flashers, arrowstik, takedowns and alleys

1 Code 3 XL 52" with 8 sealed beams and diamond mirrors

2 Code 3 XL minibars with 4 sealed beams per unit

1 Tomar Heliobe 48" 13 strobe bar with center opticom, rear flashers, takedowns and alleys

I'm still waiting until I get more money to build up my whelen collection, I only have HAW strobe supplies as of now.
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ryan said:
So 35 I can remember and about 160 I don't display

I was thinking your list was pretty short.

My small Federal Signal only collection.

CTS, Model 12, and Jetstream.

Still working on JM's CTS and another members.


I'm pretty sure that I have 75 lightbars, 12 assorted Beacon Rays, and about 30 other round beacons.
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well....lets see......, at last count i was at 120 lightbars with probably just as many beacons. All Fedsig and German lightbars/beacons of course! Here is a link to most of my collection and current completed projects:

Pictures by eric6913 - Photobucket
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18.......even though they're not all lightbars........but they still blink

Federal Signal:

1 48" all light streethawk in b/c/b (was r/c/r)

1 48" streethawk in r/r (used to be b/b.....swapped domes with the all light)

1 52" streethawk in kind of blue/kind of blue (domes are blue, but look kind of teal)

1 firebeam in blue with flash mirror

1 magnabeam in red/clear (full clear with red snap on filter)

1 52" streethawk in red/red (came off an older KME pumper....havent gotten yet though)

code 3:

One guess what I have most of lol

1 47" MX7000 in c/c (with blue filters on only 2 of rotators)

1 47" MX7000 in amber/amber

1 36" MX7000 in t/t (had teal domes that are now on it, hence the t/t lol)

1 55" SD bar now with independent rotators (streethawk ones fit in there awesome lol)

1 52" (possibly) XL in r/c (needing frame, grill, one more rotator and 2 diamond mirrors)

1 deckblaster in blue/blue

1 deckblaster in amber/amber


1 responder dash light in red (no I dont have the mirror....not yet anyways)

1 responder DX in clear (need to order blue filters for it)

**1 mini edge in blue** (parts not available yet)

**1 mini edge in red** (parts not available yet)


1 7644 rotating light


Hawk 1 in r/b (only LED light I have)
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well i have a small start,






1-Yankee/Signal Stat

1-Mini Jet(rotator)

1-Mini Responder(original)

1-Mini Responer DX(3 rotator)

1-Whelen Mini Flush Mount-9000(no inners)



1-SVP (hot shot)


1-yankee(tear drop)

5 full, 3 mini, 4 singles

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Richard P

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I got 9,

NOS 47" 4 rotator turbo beam (1993)

47" turbo flash, 10 strobe

47" wrecker special turbo beam with MFR

53" 4 rotator wrecker special with MFR

47" target tech priority one

47" SWS interceptor

53" streehawk

58" MX7000 (for my truck)

53" wrecker special jetstream

  1. MX7000 No. 1
  2. MX7000 No. 2
  3. Vector
  4. Aerodynic
  5. Excalibur
  6. Jetsonic
  7. Streethawk
  8. Aerotwinsonic
  9. Twinsonic
  10. Hella RTK 4
  11. DIY LED-Edge
  12. Edge-Frame (to be done)
  13. Mini-Edge

Approx. 50 beacons and dashlights.

70/30 German/US, I guess.


1. Federal Signal JetSonic

2. Federal Signal StrobeHawk

3. Code3 MX-7000

4. Federal Signal Vision

5. Whelen Edge 9000

6. Whelen Edge 9M

7. Federal Signal AeroDynic 24EH

8. Federal Signal TwinSonic 12X

9. Federal Signal Vista

10. 911ep Galaxy

And on the way to Germany:

11.Federal Signal JetStrobe

12. Code3 Excalibur


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I currently have....

1 Twinsonic 12X

1 AeroTwin with cascades

1 AreoDynic 24EAH -being converted to a 25

1 47" Edge

1 52" Edge

1 Smith & Wesson NOS R/B

1 Smith & Wesson Used R/B

1 Smith & Wesson Clear/clear

1 Vista All light 47"

1 Vista strobe 38"

1 Streethawk 47"

1 streethawk 38"

1 Code 3 XL sealed beam 48"

1 code 3 XL mini bar

1 Vision

1 Smart vector

1 Napa/Yankee bar 48"

1 Whelen AdvantaEdge

1 Whelen 8000

2 47" Whelen LFL bars Converted to extended corner LED Amber

1 47" LP6000 All light

1 47" LP6000 2 rotators and cascades

1 38" LP6000 2 rotators and cascades


this is what I have displayed;


1- excalibur - C (D-tech) / C / C (D-tech) (NOS) (with amber arrow)

1- excalibur - Blue/Clear/Red (5 rotator) (with amber arrow)

1- excalibur - Blue/Clear/Red (rotator/strobe/oscilaser/strobe/rotator) (with amber arrow)

1- excalibur - Blue/Clear/Red (all strobe) (with amber arrow)

1- excalibur - Green/Clear/Green (5 rotator)

1- 2100 - Blue/Clear/Red (all optix)(colored dome tops) (Amber rear arrow)

1- 2100 - Red/Clear/Red (all ledx)(clear dome tops) (Amber rear arrow)

1- MX7000 - Blue/speaker/Red (with amber arrow)

1- MX7000 - Clear/Clear/Clear (5 rotator) (with amber arrow)

1- XL - Blue/Red (4 Independent Rotators)

1- Force 4XL Clear/Clear/Clear (with 2 stingers)


1- 8000 strobe Blue/Blue (Memphis PD bar, with fwd facing clear PAR46 strobes)

1- 8000 strobe Red/Blue

1- 9000 edge Red/Blue

1- 10000 edge Red/Red PierceAlert/Red homebuilt

1- 9m edge Blue/Clear Piercer/Red

1- 9m edge Red/Blue PierceAlert/Red

1- 9m edge Green/Green

1- 9m edge Green/clear PierceAlert/Red

1- 9m frame Clear with Blue/Red Leds (700 and 400series) homebuilt


1- TwinSonic 12X Blue/Red

1- TwinSonic 12X Clear®/Clear®

1- Visibar Blue/Red

1- Visibar Clear(R/B)/Clear(B/R)

1- Aerodynic 5 sections per side (front B/R/R/R/crossfire/R/R/R/B) (rear A/R/R/R/empty/empty/R/R/R/A)

1- AeroDynic 4 sections per side (R/R/R/R/speaker/C/R/C/R) still on my Pirsch pumper

1- JetStrobe (Blue/Clear/Red) (clear domes with colored filters)

1- JetStream (all clear for now)

1- MiniVector (Blue/Clear/Red)

1- StreetHawk (Clear(B)/Clear/Clear®) with intersections)

1- StreetHawk (Blue/speaker/Red)

1- StreetHawk (Red/speaker/Blue) homebuilt with Whelen guardian minibar decks under the domes)

1- 174 (Clear dome with Clear forward/Red facing right/Blue facing left/Amber to the rear)

1- 174 (Red dome)

1- 174 (Blue dome)

1- 176 (Clear dome Red/Clear/Green/Clear)

1- 176 (Clear dome Red/Blue/Red/Blue)

2- 176 (Clear dome Red/Clear/Red/Clear) both mounted on my ALF pumper

1- 175 (Red/Clear up/Red/Clear down)


2- second Generation Aurora Borealis (all clear)(the ones that look like mini Spectra bars)

each is setup: rotator/888/rotator

1- Aurora Borealis (front Clear/Clear/Clear) (rear (Red/Red)

1- DX-40 6volt (Red fwd, Red rear)

2- NOS 888's with clear bulbs (sealed beam) (fender or bumper mount)

2- 888's with red bulbs (sealed beam) (fender or bumper mount)

1- 888 with clear old style bulb (fender or bumper mount)

1- 888 with clear old style bulb (flush mount)

1- 888 with clear sealed beam (flush mount)

1- FL-8 with red lens (12 volt)

1- FL-8 with clear lens (6 volt)

1- Ecco Clear rotator mini bar with 3 forward facing 888 housings (Clear/Red/Clear), homebuilt using roof pod mounted 888s from a pumper i scrapped.... i wanted a way to display AND protect them

1- PAR 32 size MARS flasher NOS (forward facing only)

1- PAR 36 size MARS flasher NOS (forward facing only)

1- PAR 42 size MARS flasher NOS (forward facing only)

2- MARS Can lights needing restoration

yea..... Im a MARS fanatic......I have a problem and I need help LOL

several simple halogen and LED bars from different makers


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^Must show pics of this :eek: !^

Especially the Mars stuff. You've got a lot of rare items that is hard to come by.
Currently 25 displayed and another 5+ project bars. Also a bunch of assorted beacons, spotlight heads and flashers.

Will post inventory soon. There will be several more unique NOS items added as I am in the process of returning home from the great state of Ohio with a trip to see Ryan S.


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WOW! Doing this from memory as they are all currently in storage. I am in the process of organizing the "NEW LAB" to bring them all home.


Federal Signal:

1. NOS Model 11 Visibar R/R

2. CTS1S w/Visbeam

3. NOS 24EAH B/B

4. NOS JS012 (Jetsonic) Smart Rotators, Alleys, 1 Strobe and 1 Takedown

5. NOS J-CAL (Jetsonic) California

6. 25 LAPD

7. 24EAH LACSO (Single Takedown Pass Side)

8. NOS Smart Vector

9. 24RMVF (NYPD)

Code3 PSE:

10. NOS XL9000 47" Boston (Newton Mass) Sealed Beam

11. NOS XL5000 55" All Light 6 Rotators, 3 Oscilasers

12. NOS XL5000 55" All Light 6 Rotators (Clear Cutouts)

13. NOS LP6000 55" All Light 4 Rotators, 2 Stingrays, 1 Tomar Pre-Emption Emitter w/Arrowstick

14. XL9000 47" Riverside Callifornia PD

15. XL5000 55" All Light 6 Rotators, 2 Stingers, 1 Stingray

16. XL9000 Minibar

17. NOS Excalibur 47" B/B 12 Strobe, Arrow, TDs and Front Flash

18. NOS MX7000 47" C/C Smart Sweeps, Center D-Tech


19. NOS Crossbar w/ 2 Beacons and Speaker

20. NOS Crossbar w/Mini Spectrasystem, Speaker and 888


21: 925 (Jetstream) 10 Head First Version


22. 3300 Crossbar w/2 Par 46s

23. 994 Crossbar w/2 Par 46s (Double Faced) Can Lights, Speaker

24. 5200 Crossbar w/2 Par 46s (Double Faced) Can Lights, Speaker

25. 994 Crossbar w/speaker

26. 88 Crossbar w/2 Par 46s

27. Crossbar w/2 SS360s and 2 Par 36s

28. 33H Crossbar w/ 2 Par 36s

29. 5200 Crossbar (Connecticut State Police) w/Controller

30. NOS 9000 6 Strobe, Messenger, Piercer II

31. NOS Ultra Freedom TX DPS

32. NOS 9M 12 Strobe (Broward County FL) w/Jabsco Remote Spotight (Chrome)

33. NOS 9622 12 Strobe Duplex w/Arrow

34. 8000 54" 6 Strobe R/B

35. 8000 54" 6 Strobe (New Hampshire State Police) 6 Strobe B/B w/Alleys and Takedowns

36. 8000 47" 6 Strobe R/R

37. 8000 42" 6 Strobe R/B

38. 8000 54" 4 Strobe C/C

39. 80H 47" C/C 4 rotators, Par36 TDs, and Rear Solo Strobes

40. 90H 54" C/C 2 Rotators, 4 Par 46s, Alleys

41. Mini Edge 14 Strobe (Factory Built)


42. NOS NYPD Hi-Riser



41. NOS PA5200 Red

42. NOS PA5300T (Darth Vader) KYSP

43. NOS 1200 Surface Mount (Green)

44. NOS 77H R

45. NOS 1200 Crossbar Mount Red/Amber Splits

46. NOS Dashmaster Blue

47. NOS 1200 Crossbar Mount Red w/Clear "Snow Cover"


48. NOS CJ284 Blue


49. NOS RV-26 MSP "Death Ray" w/Spitfire

50. RV-46 w/NOS Blue Spitfire

Not the most in volume that's for sure! But I try! I think I have a collection of distinctive and unique offerings by the different manufacturers. :D


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None, however I'm willing to learn. It's easier to place my collection in use, I can switch out dash lights, but I certainly can't use a light bar on my work ride.
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Lets see:

1) 52" all light MX7000 - 4 rotators, 8 strobes including two intersections, f/r flashers, TDs and alleys

2) 47" all light LP6000 - 5 rotators, two diamond mirrors, mini TDs, and alleys

3) 48" SVP Impulse - 4 rotators, flashing TDs, rear flashers, and low profile alleys

4) 52" Twinsonic 12x in with solid blue domes

5) 52" Yankee 911 - NOS with red and blue domes

6) 48" NYPD Vision

7) 52" Twin Beacon Ray / Visabar - R/R

8) 47" Premier Hazard Maxim 90 - 5 rotators, 4 diamond mirrors - clear dome with B/R/B/R/B filters.

9) 22" Aerodynic - 4 synced rotators R/C/C/R

10) Mini LP - amber - two rotators and oscilazer

11) Mini Intensity - blue - 2 rotators and diamond mirror.

12) Sho-Me Stealth - R/B on top, green on the bottom.

13) 3 pod Vector - R/C with A rear/R - two medium speed rotators and center high speed


Code 3 SD in R/B

Federal Twinsonic 12X in B/B

Federal Aerotwin in R/B

Smith and Wesson bar #888 in B/B with amber rear cutouts

Federal Visibar in R/B with PAR 36 flashers and Chrome speaker

2 Federal PA-Lite's one Blue, one Clear with red and clear bulbs

Federal Signal Model 14 in Blue


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fedsig7 said:
I think we all need to start posting pics. You guys all have some nice stuff!
I updated my thread with some pics, I have a ton to post but this gives you the jist.


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Federal SignalStreethawk /SHL
Code 3Force 4 LP
Federal SignalTwinsonic 12X
Federal SignalAerodynic
Federal SignalRaydian
Ernest HolmesTwinsonic 12
Code 3360
Tomar Heliobe
Smith & Wesson8948
Federal SignalTwinsonic CTS
911 EPMillennium
Target Tech F/STurboFlash
Federal SignalViewPoint
Federal SignalMini Vector






Code 3Dashlaser
Code 3Dashlaser

WhelenDashmiser DMP2H

Code 3Deckblaster800

Southern VPHotShot II1185H
Federal Signal MagnabeamFB4
Federal Signal Motorized Mirror LightMML1-GM
Federal Signal Motorized Mirror LightMML1-GM
WhelenDashmiser custom
AlerteVisor light

AlerteVisor light
AlerteVisor light

Signal Stat Teardrop367
Federal Signal FirebeamFB3SM
Federal Signal Power Light184
Federal Signal Beacon Ray17
Federal Signal Model Light14
Sireno Mity Lite II
Federal Signal Power Light184
Code 3Oscilaser
Sireno Mity Lite

Federal Signal Fireball II
Federal Signal Fireball
Federal Signal Viper

WhelenCadet Responder
Whelen Dashmaster


Tripp Lite


Tripp LiteElectro-SonicES-2D
Federal SignalSiracomPA2100
Federal SignalSiren10

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I have nothing compared to you guys...


Red Whelen 4 strobe Mini Edge 9M (Just put halogen flashers/takedowns in it.)

Red Federal Signal Halogen Highlighter

2 Red Mini Aerodynics


Code 3 Traffic Buster

Southern VP Teardrop light (Came off of an 80's police motorcycle)

Federal Signal FireBeam

SVP Hotshot 2

Whelen Cadet

Whelen 1200D Series

And two non-brand name beacons


9 lightbars and counting:

-Twinsonic r/b

-Edge 9000 b/b

-LP6000 all light

-Streethawk r/b

-Streethawk all light b/w/b

-Jetsonic r/b

-Model 80 r/b

-Code 360 r/b

-Visibar r/r

plus other beacons

Station 3

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Im new to the collection world i only have one Red white jetsonic and a mini 420 bar red blue :( i did have a Federal Vision bar but gave it away since it was worthless without the brain and controller.

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