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I agree on the Novus 2 with excellent results. It is a rare day that I will use Novus 3 on beacon domes.
I tried using brasso and it worked good on my whelen 8000 lens. But I still have a slight tint of yellow hazing but way better. I want to try some Flitz heard walmart has it.


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yeah we actually bought out the last of the Flitz lightbar restoration kits when they were discontinuing them.. Got 100 of them and only have about 20 left.. Flitz is great

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Here's the archive of the existing info:

Please post all dome cleaning and polishing tips as a reply here.
OK, this is going to sound too good to be true (and too cheap) and take nowhere near the time that is consumed sanding, polishing, buffing, etc. and you will be amazed....Whats even more hilarious is my wife discovered it. While she was pregnant, she was on leave from work and I gave her a bunch of lenses to sand, polish, buff, etc. while I was at work, and she was like "screw this", did some experimenting, and came up with this....
Step 1: Wet the lens with plain cold water
Step 2: Scrub the entire lens inside and out with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser https://www.mrclean.com/en-us/shop-products/magic-erasers/magic-eraser-original (can get this anywhere for cheap)
Step 3: Rinse lens with cold water (its going to look ugly at this point, but that's the POINT)
Step 4: Find a container that will accommodate the size of your lens(s) totally submerged and fill it with HOT water and one scoop of powdered OxyClean (can get this anywhere cheap) https://www.oxiclean.com/en/products/stain-fighters/oxiclean-odor-blasters-versatile-stain-odor-remover
Step 5: Submerge the len(s) and let soak for 45 minutes, occasionally flipping and rotating the lens(s) in the solution. (pretend its momma's secret sauce)
Step 6: After 45 minutes is up, hit them with the Magic Eraser again while wet from the solution, inside and out
Step 7: Rinse them thoroughly with cold water and then dry them IMMEDIATELY with a microfiber towel.
You will be amazed at the final finish considering the cost and time you invested. You can use an off brand of the OxiClean, but NOT the Magic Eraser (trust me, tried that). Now this does not help with significant scores and/or scratches (depending on depth of the scratch), but regardless of the method you use, you are not going to (nor should you expect) to get factory like finishes as you get with brand new lenses.
As an extra, I will coat the INSIDE ONLY of the lens(s) with RainX to prevent fogging should I have questions about the lights moisture intrusion integrity.
This method is recommended for lenses that have very fine to no scratches/scuffs and your merely looking for clarity. Hope this helps!

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