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    Can lights on parade...
    20.-in-chase.jpg 25.-in-chase.jpg
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    Police Spinner from Blade Runner.

    BladeRunnerSpinner1982003RPF-vi.jpg BladeRunnerSpinner1982006RPF1-vi.jpg
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    Not from TV or movies, but it's from two computer games from the early 90s: the VGA remake of Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (PQ1 VGA) and Police Quest 3.

    In PQ1 VGA, your cruiser has what looks like an AeroDynic on it with two lights that wig-wag in the rear. The bars are only lit in scenes where you needed to use the siren. This game is set in California, yet no amber anywhere or California Steady. They did a pretty good job of capturing the look of a lit up Aero, IMHO.

    At the Lytton County Jail with suspect.


    High-Risk Traffic Stop for drug dealer suspected of murder. Note: only two officers.

    In PQ3, the Lytton Police Department seems to have switched to JetSonics. Again, no amber or California Steady. Strangely, they seem to use two-door patrol cars for Sergeants. Probably because it's the same sprite as your unmarked car. Makes no sense when you're transporting your first arrest of the shift to the lockup (5150 case that tries to stab you...unless you use your trusty PR-24). Like PQ1 VGA, the bars do light up in scenes where they're used (e.g. traffic stops). They do a pretty good job of replicating a lit JetSonic.


    Series creator Jim Walls (retired CHP) during the intro or if you did something that got you killed.


    At Lytton PD garage. The unmarked and marked cars' models look strangely similar...


    Traffic stop for speeder.

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