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I remember the strobes on a pole! As a kid, I always wanted one of the little carts with the light on the pole. I thought that it'd be so cool to push it around the neighbourhood with the strobe lit and the cart decked out to look like a police vehicle. Loved seeing them in the stores. Was more interested in the light cart than anything else in the store.
This is the K-Mart Blue Light I remember. s-l1600.jpg
Law and Order s2 e10 Heaven. Fire at a club. Opening scene has a bunch of 1990s FDNY trucks responding: Mars lights on Mack CF engine and cowling of battalion vehicle, NIghtfighter spotlight, the usual Aerotwinsonics, Fireball on dash of detective car.
Just watched the movie "Funny Farm" with Chevy Chase. There is a scene with a low budget ambulance. I don't have video but the ambulance has a red Fireball II on top!


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One of my favourite movies.

No, wait - you said fireball.
Why do modern fire engines have bells anyway? I watched lots of videos of fire engines responding and I've never heard the bells ringing.
Tradition. Used to be the only warning device. They used to be handed down truck to truck, or engraved with the company officers names at the time the truck was bought. We had an officer who used to ring it when responding. You could really hear it, we always knew who that truck officer was.
Same argument you'll get about rotorays, mars ligjts, Q sirens.

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