Wilson LED conversions - multiple models and repair

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  1. wilsonbr90

    wilsonbr90 Wilson LED

    They are an interesting setup. It was nice to see the guts to one. Should be good for many years of service! Thank you for the compliments.

    All emails and pm's replied (hopefully)

    As an update, baby wilson number 2 is on its way and will be here end of September. I have been in the process of clearing out my current shop (third bedroom in my house) because I need it for the baby. I am building a new dedicated shop and have procrastinated a little too much. I am still doing lights l, just operating on a slight delay as I have to move while the weather is nice outside.

    I hope once the shop is done that I will be able to start manufacturing one off heads for whelen and freedom bars.

    As a triple side note our dept, with my help is purchasing a new to us truck. I will be up fitting that truck once it gets brought back from Florida to NY.

    Thankyou everyone for supporting me and for all the good reviews. I plan on being here for many more years to come.
  2. Dave

    Dave Registered Member

    What truck did you guys buy? and is it replacing anything?
  3. barrjk

    barrjk Newbie

    I have three LED modules from a Whelen light and I need the LEDs changed from white to red. IMG_2691.JPG
  4. wilsonbr90

    wilsonbr90 Wilson LED

    Replied with a PM. These lights are $6 per card changed.
  5. bullfrog4ever

    bullfrog4ever Site Regular

    PM Sent
  6. Houston Amateur Radio

    Houston Amateur Radio Registered Member

    Thanks Wilson for the great job on converting the 4 Liberty corner led's from amber to red, customer was super happy.
  7. CTfirefighter

    CTfirefighter Registered Member

    pm sent, looking for fix on a 911ep stick.
  8. Surgicalcric

    Surgicalcric Member

    Have any Whelen 400 series 6-over-6 in all clear LEDs? I need two. Otherwise, how much to change two 400 series 6-over-6 lightheads to all clear from red/red?

  9. wilsonbr90

    wilsonbr90 Wilson LED

    $97 for a pair shipped con us or $55 to change your heads
  10. Surgicalcric

    Surgicalcric Member

    What's your PayPal addy? I'll take the pair.
  11. wilsonbr90

    wilsonbr90 Wilson LED

  12. Surgicalcric

    Surgicalcric Member

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  13. redbudjoe

    redbudjoe Member

    Email sent
  14. LED

    LED Member

    Wilson, have any Liberty Whelen 500 Dummy heads in Amber lying around?
  15. wilsonbr90

    wilsonbr90 Wilson LED

    Never received an email sir
  16. erblake587

    erblake587 New Member

    Wilson, I set you a PM sir.
  17. dptys

    dptys Newbie

    Just put my Whelen 500's into action - they look great - thanks for your work. Will be sending you some Code 3 Optix from a Supervisor bar in the next week for color change.
  18. Gated Wye

    Gated Wye Member

    Are you able to do color changes in dash lights as well? Looking to get a slimlighter done
  19. wilsonbr90

    wilsonbr90 Wilson LED

    Yessir, not an issue.
  20. GE

    GE Registered Member

    Sent a PM regarding a change over.
  21. lightcollector38

    lightcollector38 Registered Member

    PM sending shortly regarding an Arjent SL board with 9 star base leds...thank you for your time.
  22. NVFD612

    NVFD612 Registered Member


    PM sent

  23. irishff

    irishff Member


    Sent a PM a while back and havent gotten a response. Resent.
  24. wilsonbr90

    wilsonbr90 Wilson LED

    All pm's replied to I believe!
  25. GE

    GE Registered Member

    Still waiting on a response.
  26. unlisted

    unlisted Gold Level Member

    Sending you a new pm. After all its been a while. :p
  27. wilsonbr90

    wilsonbr90 Wilson LED

    replied to all.

    And Merry Christmas to everyone!
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  28. vonirkinshtine

    vonirkinshtine Site Regular

    Wilson, sent a PM about doing a diode swap.
  29. wilsonbr90

    wilsonbr90 Wilson LED

    All pm's replied. Been a busy week!
  30. bdwhit

    bdwhit Junior Member

    I sent you a PM. Please reply when you can. Thanks BW
  31. wilsonbr90

    wilsonbr90 Wilson LED

    All pms replied. Sorry for the delay, I was out of town.
  32. crocco302

    crocco302 Junior Member

    Hey Wilson I sent you a pm
  33. erblake587

    erblake587 New Member

    Wilson, I also sent you a PM
  34. Phoenix_Rising

    Phoenix_Rising Resident Ghost Gold Level Member


    Feniex Olympian converted from Yellow function buttons and red main buttons to blue/green by sir Brian. my only regret is not doing it sooner
  35. crocco302

    crocco302 Junior Member

    I just have to find out where to get the leds or what kinda leds they are
  36. Doyle257

    Doyle257 Site Regular

    I like that...Brian, can you do that to the 4200 fullsize as well??

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